Extended Day Program

Extended Day Program

“CECO’s Aftercare Program has been life-changing for our family. Where else would we find a special education school that’s open until 5:00? At CECO, he is doing things the doctors said he would never be able to do. He can eat on his own, he can walk with his walker...he works hard to accomplish these milestones, and we are confident that Emilio is safe, happy, and learning as we pursue our careers.” - Judy, Emilio’s mom

Age group: 5 years21 years

  • Operates daily at the Conductive Education Center of Orlando
  • Program led by Lead Program Assistant
  • After school program for children with working parents
  • Program structured to include daily academic and fine motor lessons
  • Cost: $10.00 an hour paid weekly or monthly per child

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For more information, please contact Katherine Perez at (407) 671-4687 or kperez@ceco.org.