In-Home Program

  • Scheduled apart from regular class time
  • Age Group: 6 months to 21 years
  • Severe to moderate involved children
  • Designed for children who’s needs cannot be met in one of the Center classes
  • Cost: $90.00 an hour per child
    $75.00 an hour per session
    $15.00 flat rate for mileage

Home Visits with a conductor are available to any child assessed as being able to benefit from Conductive Education. The Conductor will create home visit programs as determined effective by the assessment of a specific individual. A plan will be created to meet the child's specific needs.

Click Here for Assessment Guidelines and Application


CECO's annual Summer Camp is an intensive program that will help your child or adult with Cerebral Palsy or other motor disability to achieve greater independence. Participants improve motor skills through through routine, guidance, and repetitive actions in a fun and stimulating social setting with a 1:1 staff-to-student ratio.