Individual Tutoring

Individual Tutoring

“With Tutoring at CECO, Ryan is able to do more independently. He’s learned to initiate actions like feeding himself and it’s taught me how to help him be an active participant, even though he still needs support.” 

Age Group: 6 months to 21 years

  • Scheduled apart from regular class time
  • All developmental stages
  • Conductor referred program/ Parent preference program
  • Cost: $75.00 an hour per child

Individual tutoring with a conductor is available to any child assessed as being able to benefit from Conductive Education. Tutoring is a 1:1 intense program. The child and conductor (and parent) can work together. Tutoring is scheduled in one to two hour sessions at the center. Areas of specific development will be discussed, a plan created, goals set and individual program carefully planned. We will create individual programs as determined effective by the Conductor's assessment of a specific individual. A plan will be created to meet the child's specific needs.

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