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Our Story


Our Story

CECO’s vision, mission, and the collective whole of what we do started from an acute awareness that a fundamental and novel solution was desperately needed to help advance and strengthen the overall quality of life for those with neurological motor disabilities. Instead of accepting what wasn’t working or didn’t exist, we took action.


In the summer of 2001, a 6-week pilot program with five children was held in Winter Park, Florida utilizing the learning method of Conductive Education. As the weeks progressed, parents saw dramatic changes in their children. This program made it conceivable for children with neurological motor disabilities to move and progress beyond the expectations of doctors, producing outcomes that exceeded what was believed to be possible.

All it takes is a single event, need, or revelation to spark, to inspire, to ignite something profoundly important—for CECO this spark was Joe and Vicky Raymond who founded CECO for their son, Joseph.

Over the years we have taken the foundation of Conductive Education and implemented new and innovative concepts that has allowed us to expand our programs and positively impact more lives in our community. 


Our mission is to provide innovative programs for lifelong learning and development that transform lives utilizing conductive education that integrates physical, cognitive, and social skills.

About Conductive Education


Conductive education is a learning method for individuals with neurological motor disabilities, like but not limited to cerebral palsy, which integrates an intensive and motivating approach to the development of gross and fine motor skills, mobility and balance, flexibility and motion, social skills, communication, and speech – allowing individuals to maximize their physical independence and strength. Conductive Education, originally theorized in Hungary, is based on the idea that despite the damage to the nervous system, it still possesses the capacity to form new neural connections. 


CECO leverages the profound effectiveness of Conductive Education and further enhances the individual’s learning by adding traditional special education strategies that teach essential academic and daily life skills. Our revolutionary one-on-one approach is tailored to each individual’s needs, including the incorporation  of a student’s assistive technology into their program.


We take a holistic approach that combines physical and cognitive learning through active participation and                     repetition, along with an extra emphasis on teaching communication competency, which creates the neurological        connections needed to learn new skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Individuals that come through            our programs build confidence while becoming self-reliant to the best of their ability. By teaching self-care and             problem-solving skills with a positive attitude, individuals with special needs learn to do what was thought                        impossible.


      We are committed to helping maximize the potential of all individuals, build independence, and provide lifelong        learning in a social and inclusive community of support. There is no limit to what one individual can do. Possible             begins with action.

"There is no limit to what one individual can do. Possible begins with action!"

Our Staff


Our Board Members




The Parent, Teacher, Conductor Organization (PTCO) goals include volunteerism of parents, encouragement of teachers, conductors, assistants and students, community involvement, and welfare of students and families.  The PTCO meets approximately once a month and participates in various fundraising events at CECO.


CECO Professionals Committee

With over one third of Metro Orlando’s population between the ages of 20 and 44, the CECO's Professionals Committee is comprised of our top community up-and-comers. The primary function is to raise funds and open new doors for CECO by hosting fundraising events, volunteering, providing valuable input and raising awareness within the community to support the families we serve.

CECO Professionals Committee Priorities_
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