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Our Programs

One by one, we are connecting individuals with neurological motor disabilities to CECO’s ground-breaking conductive education programs. We passionately deliver our innovative approach that integrates physical, cognitive, and social skills to create a life-changing transformation for all the families we serve.

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Early Intervention Programs

Our Early Intervention programs for children ages 0-5 utilizes innovative conductive education foundations to maximize progress towards developmental milestones. The youngster program is designed to provide both parent and child with the tools and strategies to maximize their child’s abilities. The program is provided in a playful environment and there is a strong emphasis on the cognitive, social, communication and play skills.

Youth Programs

Our Youth Programs, serving children ages 5-18, focus on building independence through innovative approaches to educational development. Our Full Day School Program, a featured Youth Program, is world renowned, and a Florida Family Empowerment Scholarship designated Private School program.


Adult Programs

With a focus on life skills development, CECO's Adult Program approach to lifelong learning helps participants learn and grow on a personalized level on their journeys towards increased independence in a way that empowers them.

Flex Programs

There's an option for everyone with CECO's Flex Programs. Our flexible learning opportunities create options for your child to benefit from conductive education skills development, and work towards increased motor, social, communication, and cognitive skills.

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