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With a focus on life skills development, this program’s approach to lifelong learning helps participants learn and grow on a personalized level. The program assists individuals on their journeys towards increased independence in a way that empowers them

Programs offered

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Young Adult Day

For adult participants over 18, CECO's Young Adult Day program focuses on life-skills development through meaningful daily activities that promote social interactions and problem-solving. In addition, the daily programs address participants' motor function and strengths to prepare young adults'  transition to the Adult Day Program.

Adult Day Program

Our high-quality programming focuses on the development and improvement of the participants’ daily living skills. It provides multiple opportunities to apply and integrate new skills into everyday situations while remaining physically active.

Individual & Virtual CE

For a more flexible, one- on- one, hourly based program, participants can enroll in our Individual CE sessions. With virtual options available, as well as an individualized learning goals assessment, participants can work towards developmental and lifelong learning goals.

Program Quick Facts

Programs are offered from August - May

18 years - 22 years is the age range for Junior Adult Day program

Participants ages 22 years and up participate in CECO's Adult Day Program

 Individual & Virtual are sessions last from 1-2 hours



1. Complete an Application– Each family is required to complete an application and submit required documents. Click below to get started.

2. Schedule a consultation call – Learn more about  our Conductive Education approach and our lifelong programs. 

3. Schedule a Complimentary Assessment– Assessments are completed either at our center or by video submission. Our Evaluation Team will review and complete a recommendation report.

4. Assessment Report Review– Within a week, families will receive a recommendation report which will include a program placement or organization referral. Our enrollment team will follow up once report is sent.

5. Enroll and Share – Our enrollment team will assist you with enrollment, tuition breakdown and resources available. Then share your excitement on social media about your loved one joining CECO!

For enrollment process and tuition information, please contact us by clicking below.

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