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CECO Announces Open Enrollment for Virtual Program, Creating Global Access to Special Education

Conductive Education center adds one-of-a-kind remote learning access for children and adults with neurological motor disabilities across the globe in honor of World Cerebral Palsy Day.

Winter Park, Fla. - October 6, 2023 - The Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO), an imaginative center for children and adults with neurological motor disabilities, today announces open enrollment for its new Virtual Conductive Education Program, extending access to special education for families and caregivers across the United States and internationally. The virtual offering is now available to individuals with neurological motor disabilities, like, but not limited to, cerebral palsy, who are a fit for Conductive Education (CE). CECO, a nonprofit, is one of the only facilities in the country offering a CE curriculum, and the only one located in the southeast U.S.

The new Virtual Program provides parents and students access to CECO’s trained instructors (or conductors) to develop a program addressing each participant’s unique needs, and teach techniques and strategies to put into practice in everyday situations. The program consists of one-on-one weekly tutoring sessions with the parent and student focusing on daily life skills such as sitting, walking and eating. These one- to two-hour sessions may include passive techniques, gross and fine motor activities performed in a lying, sitting, or standing position; academics; chores; and life-skills. The education curriculum is designed to improve cognitive, communication and fine motor skills.

“Many families and caregivers whose loved ones attend CECO have moved across the U.S. to Orlando, or traveled across the world, to participate in this program, but we know there are thousands of others who would immensely benefit from access to CE, but understandably cannot uproot their lives to move here,” said Krisztina Weiszhaupt, Ph.D., Executive Director of CECO. “This new virtual program provides countless other individuals an opportunity to receive the transformative benefits of this education remotely, which we’ve already seen change so many lives.”

Nahlini Maharaj-John, a mother of four boys from Trinidad, first heard about CE when a conductor came to visit her son Joseph’s school in 2013. Joseph, now 12, has a neurological disability that impairs his communication and independence. Since then, she has explored programs across the world and, looking for a permanent program for Joseph, they attended online classes and an in-person camp at CECO in 2022. At the end of the six-week camp, she knew she had found the right place. Back in Trinidad, Joseph continued virtual classes at CECO and now can communicate his needs, has built valuable life skills, and both him and his mom have found a supportive and life-changing community at CECO.

“My son’s transformation since we started with CECO is nothing short of a miracle,” said Maharaj-John. “With unique music, speech and life skill therapy, Joseph is able to communicate with me so much more and I truly see him becoming more independent every week. CE should be the gold standard for kids and adults with neurological disorders and I am so excited that this program is now available to families like ours no matter where they live.”

Students can enroll in the virtual program year round here.

CECO is hosting its 2023 Night of Dreams Gala, Saturday, October 28th, to raise critical funds to help students with neurological motor disabilities continue to learn and grow through the center's conductive education programs and services. To donate or purchase tickets to support CECO’s mission, click here.

About Conductive Education Center of Orlando

CECO is one of the largest Conductive Education centers in the United States and leads the way in advancing education and development for individuals with disabilities. CECO's vision, mission, and the collective whole of what it does started from an acute awareness that new and effective solutions were needed to help advance and strengthen the overall quality of life for those with neurological motor disabilities. This program made it conceivable for children with neurological motor disabilities to move and progress beyond the expectations of doctors, producing outcomes that exceeded what was believed to be possible.

CECO passionately delivers an innovative approach that integrates physical, cognitive, and social skills to create a life-changing transformation. CECO's unique offering provides families with programming for all ages, which draws families to Central Florida from all over the world to experience transformation, joy and hope for the future. From the innovative architecture of CECO's education to the culture within the organization, CECO's guiding mission is to build and improve the ability to move and stay in motion.


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