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Press Release: CECO Receives $250,000 in Orange County Grants to Support Youth With Disabilities

Winter Park, Fla. - August 29, 2023 - The Conductive Education Center of Orlando (CECO), an imaginative nonprofit center for children and adults with neurological motor disabilities, today announced it was awarded a total of $250,000 in Orange County grants to support the center’s youth and early intervention programs throughout the 2023 school year. CECO is the only organization in Florida and surrounding states offering a Conductive Education curriculum, a learning method for individuals with neurological motor disabilities, like, but not limited to, cerebral palsy. Currently, CECO has approximately 50 full-time students at its Winter Park center.

Specifically, the Orange County Citizens' Commission for Children awarded CECO two separate grants to continue its transformational and innovative programming:

  • $100,000 to support CECO’s Innovation Programming for Youth, which offers virtual and eleven in-person programming outside of school hours for children currently enrolled in public school or other full-day programs. This program provides individual and group Conductive Education sessions in both a virtual and in-person setting, allowing for the development of individual goals and a tailored curriculum for those currently not enrolled in CECO’s other full-time programming.

  • $150,000 that allowed seven families to participate in CECO’s 2023 Early Intervention Summer Camp program free of charge. The 11-week camp focused on early childhood development for children with developmental delays or disabilities between the ages of three and five years old in Orange County. The program supported active learning and assisted children’s growth and progress in four focus areas, including social-emotional, language and literacy, physical well being and cognition, and general knowledge.

“We are so grateful for the local support from Orange County to provide this critical programming for individuals with neurological motor disabilities,” said Krisztina Weiszhaupt, Ph.D., Executive Director of CECO. “Access to youth and early intervention Conductive Education is life-changing for our students and their families. Many of them travel from across the U.S. to provide their child the opportunity to learn in a Conductive Education environment and we are constantly working to provide access to this transformative programming locally and beyond. This wouldn’t be possible without the ongoing and generous support from our community and Orange County Citizens' Commission for Children.”

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About Conductive Education Center of Orlando

CECO is one of the largest Conductive Education centers in the United States and leads the way in advancing education and development for individuals with disabilities. CECO's vision, mission, and the collective whole of what it does started from an acute awareness that new and effective solutions were needed to help advance and strengthen the overall quality of life for those with neurological motor disabilities. This program made it conceivable for children with neurological motor disabilities to move and progress beyond the expectations of doctors, producing outcomes that exceeded what was believed to be possible.

CECO passionately delivers an innovative approach that integrates physical, cognitive, and social skills to create a life-changing transformation. CECO's unique offering provides families with programming for all ages, which draws families to Central Florida from all over the world to experience transformation, joy and hope for the future. From the innovative architecture of CECO's education to the culture within the organization, CECO's guiding mission is to build and improve the ability to move and stay in motion.


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